Delta Delta Delta
Austin, TX Alumnae Chapter

Recruitment / References

Please contact for all recruitment needs regarding Austin area women going through Recruitment: 

Here is a copy of the REFERENCE FORM




  • “Reference” – this is the “official” potential new member form provided by the Tri Delta Executive Office. Each girl only needs one, and despite what the college says, it is absolutely best for each girl to have one. It can also be called a “rec” or something similar.
  • “Letter” – this is a note sent to the chapter on an alumna’s own stationary or letterhead on behalf of the potential new member. It is a letter of recommendation or more confusingly, “a reference letter.” This is the chance to tell personal stories, elaborate on a girl’s character, and just add a special touch for getting to know the potential new members better.

-  If writing a reference, please do NOT put “see attached” and attach a resume. That defeats the entire purpose of writing a reference and it is not well received by the collegiates. The reference is supposed to help the collegiate reference team identify potential new members from hundreds to thousands of references, so keep that in mind as the audience for whom you are writing.
-  To those writing letters, find out who is writing the reference. That is where you are sending your completed letter… in advance of the final deadline so the reference writer can send a complete packet by the May 1st deadline. So shoot for an April 20th deadline for sending letters to the reference writer.
-  Please be sure to note the potential new member’s full name, high school, and college somewhere in the letter. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the body of the letter but easy for the collegiates to see. It is important for the chapter to know who you are recommending!
-  Each reference writer needs a copy of the girl’s transcript, resume, and pictures (at least 2… ideally a close up and a full body). Letter writers should at least get a resume.
-  Completed references should be compiled with the completed letters, supporting materials, and all sent to the Alumnae Reference Chairman (me!).
-  If confused, just send everything to the Alumnae Reference Chair (again, that's me!).  If possible, please do NOT staple packets together. Paperclips are best as items will be copied, scanned, compiled, etc.

 The University of Texas at Austin Theta Zeta chapter is working to implement a paperless recruitment process this year.  In furtherance of this goal, the Theta Zeta chapter has specifically requested that all references be submitted in a digital format, if at all possible.  If you are writing a reference, please request that the Potential New Member provide you with all of her information (resume, transcript, photos and any letters of support) in a PDF or JPEG format.  Likewise, please complete the Tri Delta reference form in a digital format or scan it into a PDF once it has been completed.  Once a packet is complete for a Potential New Member, please send the file to AND to  All completed references should be sent to the Theta Zeta Chapter (via the referenced email above) NO LATER THAN JUNE 1st.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Theta Zeta Chapter directly.


Please email us if you have a daughter or sister planning to go through Recruitment during the 2017-2018 school year. I would like to know the legacy’s name, high school, and college (or colleges in the mix).

Reminder: a woman is only a legacy if her mother or sister was a Tri Delta. Grandmothers, aunts, and cousins do not apply for legacy status but are always helpful information!



They need to register their intent to go through Recruitment with the Austin Alumnae Panhellenic Association. This is how all of the sorority alumnae groups know who from Austin is going through Recruitment and a heads up as to who has/needs references.
They must also register for Recruitment through their college’s Panhellenic or “Greek Life” office. Typically googling the college’s name and “sorority recruitment” gets you close to the right page.


We are always in search of more alumnae wanting to get involved in Recruitment and help out with processing references. Please let me know if you are interested. It takes a lot of time to process references and market our awesome Austin girls to all of the collegiate chapters so all help is most appreciated!


E-Mail  References:
Alumnae Reference Chair